With the recent changes on GDPR, this sparked a conversation with a national company about building a lightweight but flexible training portal for staff covering topics from GDPR policies to Fire Safety.

As a starting point, we reviewed the brief and isolated the requirements into three specifications: a Content Delivery platform, an Engagement API and a Report Matrix.

Given that the training material needs to cover a wide array of topics, whilst catering for accessibility, the content was separated out into training sub-sites, each with a focus on categorisation, translated content and user accessibility.

The training material will also be provided in three formats: video, an interactive quiz and standard article/blog content. Each media type has a set of events used to track the users’ engagement.  

These events are to ensure each user has watched the video in full, read the article to the bottom in a timely fashion and that the user’s score is logged for each quiz. Each event fires request data to the Engagement API logging a user’s progression.

Each user has a profile generated within the Report Matrix that tracks their event feedback and scores. These profiles allow ‘admin’ users to view and amend user scores.